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I would just like to say hello to everyone who has stumbled upon this blog and to everyone who likes/reblogs our work. It really does mean a lot to us!

At the moment there are only two people working this blog: Fei (me) and Luna (who prefers not to have her personal Tumblr out there).

If you are interested in an App to help write/edit scenarios for this blog please send me a message through our Ask and I will gladly send you one.

Enjoy and God bless <3

Completed Scenarios

Requested Scenarios


AA Scenarios:

BEAST Scenarios:
Girlfriend. (Junhyung)
Sleeping In. (Kikwang) 
Shopping. (Kikwang) 
When He Cheats On You. (Kikwang) 
Studying. (Dongwoon) 

Big Bang Scenarios:
Baby Goodnight (GD & TOP)
When he confesses.
When you try to study… 

Block B Scenarios:

Boy Friend Scenarios:

CN Blue Scenarios:

DBSK Scenarios:

FT Island Scenarios:

MBLAQ Scenarios:
Your first kiss.

SHINee Scenarios:
When he brings you to practice.
A day at the beach.
On A Roller Coaster. (Minho) 

Super Junior Scenarios:
When you’re sick.
Cupcakes. (Donghae)
Dance. (Eunhyuk)
New Years. (Siwon)
Cook for me, Oppa (I)!  (Ryeowook)
Cook for me, Oppa (II)! (Ryeowook)

U-KISS Scenarios:
When You Tell Him You’re A Fan. (Select Members) 

Mir’s Home. (Mir of MBLAQ)
Doojoon and Friends. (Doojoon of BEAST) 
When you’re both bored to tears. (TOP of Big Bang) 
In the Closet. (Kevin of U-Kiss) 

Cho Kyuhyun: Sleepover: 1|2|3|4|5
OB/Hongki: Teardrops in the rain: 1|2|3|4|5

Optional Bias:
When you’re diagnosed with a serious disease.
Stressed out

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